October 3rd, 2020

(All Times in Eastern Daylight Time)


Dakota Fisher-Vance | Co-Founder, Young Adult Cancer Connection

Cara Scharf | Co-Founder, Young Adult Cancer Connection

Gregory Garber, MSW, LCSW | Director, Oncology Support Services, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

Opening Panel: Dialing Up Young Adult Cancer Advocacy Digitally

Emily Drake | Co-Founder, #AYACSM

Fabian Bolin | CEO and Co-Founder, War on Cancer App

Marissa Thomas | Co-Founder, For the Breast of Us

Nick Giallourakis | Executive Director, Elephants and Tea & The Steven G. AYA Cancer Research Fund 

More than ever, we are reaching for our cell phones to connect with our cell mates. In the spirit of going virtual, we’re kicking off the day hearing from innovators who have turned to digital advocacy to elevate the young adult cancer movement through social media, podcasting, and app development.

First Breakout Block

(Choose One)

This breakout will give young adults facing cancer and their caregivers tools for dealing with challenges such as navigating insurance issues and working with their medical team, to ensure that no one feels helpless when faced with cancer.

The rest of the world may be unfamiliar with adapting to the new normal, uncertainty, canceled plans, and facing mortality in response to a health emergency but young adults with cancer experience sure aren’t. Brainstorm ideas for a post-pandemic guide/tool that could be developed to help explain the young adult cancer experience by identifying similarities in living during the time of COVID-19.

Get creative with Philly-based Twist Out Cancer at an art therapy based workshop that focuses on utilizing the arts as a mechanism for healing. Please find a list of household art supplies to have on hand while participating in this workshop here.

Send words of encouragement to your young adult cell mates currently in treatment through this creative letter writing activity. Please have a pen and paper handy.

Young Adult Cancer Dot Net(working)

via Slack

We’ve built a free online networking and community-building space using Slack. Share your voice in a variety of channels dedicated to different identities and experiences of the young adult community. Check out the discussion topics and channel faCELLitators.

Second Breakout Block

(Choose One)

Cancer and awkward silence tend to go hand in hand but you won’t find any elephants in this breakout room. Join the creators of the “My Friend Has Cancer?!” video series to fortify yourself with tips on respectfully and supportively conversing with your young adult friend or family member dealing with cancer.

Talking about the young adult cancer experience helps make cancer suck less. Chill out with a representative from Stupid Cancer and chat with peers that get it.

It’s hard enough being a young adult navigating your career let alone doing so while dealing with cancer. Join the experts in employment-related cancer challenges, Cancer and Careers, as they provide tips on working as a young adult with cancer experience.

With the multitude of stressors each of us experiences, come learn how just a few minutes of writing can help ground you during these extraordinary times. These journaling techniques are short, concrete and designed to restore you as you head into the next week. Please have a pen and paper or a blank electronic document on hand.

Shake it Out: Cool Down Activity

First Descents

After an empowering day stretching our minds and social networks, let’s stand up for the young adult cancer community and get our red blood cell mates circulating with a short stretching session.

Closing Remarks

Philly After Party

Young Adult Cancer Connection

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

Philly is in the (virtual) house! Cancervention started in the City of Brotherly Love and, though this online conference is open to the world, we’d still like to celebrate and support our local community and find ways to continue the momentum in our own backyard. Join us for some “phun” times and brainstorming around how we can support Philadelphians after Cancervention.

Add Cancervention to your agenda.

Cancervention sessions will be hosted on Zoom. Each session will have its own Zoom link. Get familiar with Zoom so you’re ready to go on conference day.

Join the Cancervention Slack, the free online messaging tool we’ll be using to faCELLitate networking, and learn about the different discussion topics.