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YACC Goes the Extra, Extra Distance

Why We Need Friends — Especially Now

YACC’s co-founders discuss how they met and the importance of meeting your cellmates – hear them at 9.5 minutes in

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On the Rise 2020

Dakota, YACC’s co-founder, is featured on cover of The Colon Club’s 2020 “On the Rise” Magazine

On the rise cover

&%#*@! My Friend Has Cancer!

YACC’s co-founder provides advice in this educational video series on talking about cancer with friends as a young adult

‘Ask me why I don’t have nipples’: How young adults disclose their cancer status to dates and employers

YACC co-founder and members disclose about cancer disclosures.

philly inquirer cancer disclosure

Bring Your Brave: Cara's Story

Cara, YACC’s co-founder, is featured as part of the CDC’s “Bring Your Brave” breast cancer campaign

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From Graduation Gown to Hospital Gown

Dakota, YACC’s co-founder, recounts her experience getting a cancer diagnosis immediately following college

Strength in Numbers

AYA cancer and YACC’s origins make the front page of the Philly Inquirer’s Sunday health section

YACCing about Cancervention

Cara promotes the inaugural Cancervention

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Conference for people with cancer promises community

Dave Heller interviews YACC’s co-founder Dakota  and Cancervention speaker Ann Knettler-Smith about Cancervention

whyy David heller Cancervention interview

Philadelphia Organization focuses on young adults with cancer

YACC’s Co-Founder discuss the need for events like Cancervention

The Stupid Cancer Show: YACC

YACC Co-Founder, Dakota, and YACC member, Rachel Wetzel, talk about Young Adult Cancer Connection and Cancervention – hear them at 31.5 min in

Young cancer survivors get makeovers at Philadelphia salon

YACC’s co-founder gets a makeover with fellow young adults with cancer experience

Cancer changes everything. So can you.

Let's talk and change the nearly non-existent narrative about the young adult cancer experience.

Want to YACC About Us?

We are dedicated to elevating the voices of the often forgotten young adults with cancer experience and need your help. Contact us today for partnership or media opportunities and help the city of brotherly+sisterly love show some love to its young adult cancer community.