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Philly After Party - October 3rd @ 5PM

Have you known there’s no such thing as young and invincible long before COVID 19? Digitally connect with others who can relate and discuss what support you’d like to see for the Philly YA cancer community after Cancervention.

Location: Zoom

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Ever been the youngest person in the oncology waiting room or way too old for the Dora the Explorer decals on the pediatric oncology waiting room? We’ve got the meetup for you. We get together periodically throughout the year, alternating between coffee shop-chats and fun, typical young adult activities. Bonus points: No one will ask you “how arrrrrrrre you?”

Juice Room Meetup

Who Attends?

Young adults who…

  • Are 18-40 years old
  • Have or had cancer
  • Have a significant other who has/had cancer
  • Have a friend or family member who has/had cancer

Past Meetups

  • Spruce Street Harbor Park  Magic Gardens Nutrition Workshop @ Free Library Test Kitchen Pumpkin Carving Ice Skating Movie Nights The Juice Room Medical Marijuana Info Session Yoga+Reiki Hikes Book Discussion Local Cafes
Magic Gardens
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Explore Philly Like a Young Adult

Get to know your cell mates and the city of brotherly and sisterly love at the same time! We don’t sit in a circle in a hospital basement, we circle all of the hip Philly spots.


Want to Organize a Meetup?

Way to be kick(m)ass! We’re always looking for people who want to bring together young adults with cancer experience to YACC. Reach out today and we’ll help you get a meetup off the ground.