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Our cell mates aren’t limited to young adults who’ve been dealt the cancer card, they also include the incredible individuals who are equally dedicated to the community. Generally, our volunteers are: 

  • Current undergraduate/graduate students or recent graduates
  • Interested in medicine, public health, disability studies, social work, non-profit administration, journalism, and/or marketing
  • Empathetic, communicative, and organized

Event Planning

This committee will assist in planning, staffing, and finding volunteers for major operational logistics of Cancervention, meetups, and other events. This includes the event agenda, registration, day-of operations, and follow-up. People on this committee should be available and interested in volunteering on the day of the event, in capacities ranging from staffing a registration/information table to being room monitors, etc., and should have time to step in for small logistical tasks at short notice.


This committee will provide support to the event planners in building audiences for events and publicizing the conference via local media and social media outlets. Tasks might include building lists of potential attendees, sending personal invitation emails, managing our social media editorial calendar, and drafting and sending press releases. People on this committee should have previous experience with marketing and outreach and be good communicators with large networks.


Volunteers on this committee will assist us with creating donor prospect lists, reaching out to donors who they know personally, and securing in-kind donations. People on this committee should be willing to reach out to their contacts who may be willing to donate and share contact information of these people with the event organizers. Event organizers will provide information about amounts needed and what the money is for–this committee is mostly responsible for making connections to a wider pool of individual, corporate, and foundation donors.


In the age of cell-fies, photo and video footage is vital. This committee will attend and document our larger events through photos and videos. Members of this committee should have photography and/or videography experience and access to camera equipment and editing tools.


We are very interested in providing anyone involved in YACC, not just event attendees, with a wide pool of cancer-related resources at all times, to assist people through their diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship beyond what our group can provide. This committee will meet periodically to ensure that a resource list, hosted on the YACC website, is up-to-date and includes a comprehensive list of resources.

Tech Know-How

In this day and age, you can’t have a young adult focused group without a stellar website. While YACC is committed to providing the above-mentioned resources to the young adult cancer community, we need some help from our tech savvy members to optimize our ability to virtually share resources and our upcoming events. This committee will assist with YACC’s website development, design, and maintenance. Members of this committee should have previous experience with website development, troubleshooting, graphic design, and/or coding.

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